Pennsylvania Tipped Minimum Wage Violations

Migliaccio & Rathod is currently investigating Pennsylvania restaurants and other tip-dependent employers following a change in the law which increases the threshold at which employers may pay a tipped minimum wage. The longstanding law in Pennsylvania has been that tipped workers may be paid the tipped minimum wage, which in PA is $2.83/ hour, if they make more than $30 per month in tips. Restaurant owners report that most servers regularly make over $50 per shift, so this threshold was all but negligible for most impacted employees. The new regulation, which is implemented August 5, 2022, lifts this $30 threshold up to $135 per month, which may impact some employees more than others. For example, employees who only work a few days per month may now require higher compensation, at the normal PA minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, if they do not make at least $135 over the course of the month. Moreover, the law adds a few additional provisions for employees, including that it: 

  • Institutes an 80/20 law, wherein it establishes that employers may only use tip crediting (paying the tipped minimum wage to tipped employees), for employees spending more than 80% of their time on tip-earning work.  
  • Regulates tip pooling, stipulating that any pool must not include managers, supervisors, nor business owners 
  • Prohibits employers from deducting fees from tips paid with credit card and other non-cash payment methods 
  • Requires employers to explicitly flag to customers that automatic service charges are separate from tips 

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Are you a tipped worker in Pennsylvania who, after August 5, 2022, believes that their employer has not complied with the above listed regulatory standards?  

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