Consumer Lawsuits & Protection Litigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP has successfully helped consumers who have suffered harm as a result of bait and switch schemes, false advertising, unlawful fee charges and other deceptive conduct by corporations. Consumer protection class action lawsuits empower people to hold corporations accountable, take back the money they were defrauded, and put in place protections so the misconduct does not happen again. Contact us for a free evaluation.  


Washington v. Navy Federal Credit UnionCase No. 2019 CA 005735B (D.C. Sup. Ct.). Represented individuals whose rights were violated by Navy Federal Credit Union when they had their vehicles repossessed. The court granted final approval of the $800,000 settlement on October 30, 2020. Each affected party in the lawsuit received no less than $748.12 based on the details of their vehicle repossession. For more information, visit:

Ousmane v. City of New York: Represented New York City street vendors in a pro bono class action suit against the City of New York for excessive fines and helped secure a settlement with a value of over $1 million.

Sonya O. Carr v. Transit Employee Federal Credit Union: Case No. 19-cv-005735 (D.C. Sup. Ct.). Represented plaintiffs who made a loan agreement with TEFCU and subsequently had their vehicle repossessed through a process in violation of the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act. The court granted final approval on a settlement for $215,000. Each class member personally received payment of over $1,000 each. For more information, visit:

Walsh et al. v. Globalstar, Inc: Case No. 3:07-cv-01941 (N.D. Cal.). Represented customers of Globalstar satellite telephone service who brought claims that Globalstar knew that it was experiencing failures in its satellite constellation and its satellite service was rapidly deteriorating and was no longer useful for its intended purpose, yet failed to disclose this information to its potential and existing customers. Served as Court-appointed class counsel in a nationwide settlement that provided an assortment of benefit options, including, but not limited to, monetary account credits, free minutes, or cash back for returned equipment.

Young v. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co.: Case No. 693 F.3d 532, 535 (6th Cir. 2012). Represented classes of consumers against several major insurance companies for the failure to use technological advances in verifying the addresses of insureds, leading to overcharges. Litigation culminated in several multi-million dollar settlements.


Miscellaneous Financial Institutions Investigations

Amazon Synchrony Credit Card Deceptive Practice

Tax Filing Information Shared

Deferred-Interest Loan Promotion

Equifax False Credit Score

Zelle Fraudulent Transactions Lawsuit

Veterans Affairs Mortgage Lender Fraud

MoneyLion’s Unlawful Membership and Fee Policies

Mortgage Lenders Fail to Offer Appraisal Reconsideration

Nationwide Equities’ False and Misleading Advertising

Vehicle Repossession Investigations

Unlawful Vehicle Repossession in D.C.

Bank-Fund Staff Senate Federal Credit Union Vehicle Repossession

Andrews Federal Credit Union Vehicle Repossession

NASA Federal Credit Union Vehicle Repossession

Student Loans/Fees Investigations

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Student Loan Forgiveness

Withheld College Transcripts

Excessive Fees Investigations

Hospital “Facility Fees” Charged for Telehealth Visits

Excessive Overdraft Fees

Car Dealerships’ Additional Fees

Hidden Resort Fees (Kimpton Amenity Fee)

Car Dealership Destination Fees

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