Investigation into High Fees Charged to File for VA Benefits

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating private companies that purport to help veterans file for disability benefits but charge high fees to do so. Since the passage of The Honoring our PACT Act, veterans have been able to file to receive disability benefits for an increased number of conditions. While veterans are able to file using the assistance of companies accredited by the Veterans Affairs Department—for no cost when filing the initial claim and for capped costs for subsequent claims—non-accredited companies advertise a quicker turnaround time if their services are used. Unaccredited companies, however, charge fees that are multiple times larger than the benefits veterans get. Data from the VA also suggests that unaccredited companies do not achieve significantly faster turnaround times compared to veterans who file through other means. 

Have you been charged high fees by a VA unaccredited company after filing for VA benefits? 

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