Arlo Eliminating Cloud-Based Security Cameras’ Free Services & Features [CLOSED]

UPDATE: We are no longer investigating this potential case, as Arlo has reneged on their attempt to charge for video storage.

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating security camera maker Arlo over reports that the company is ending many features and services for its Generation 3 (VMC3030) and Pro (VMC4030) cameras in April 2023 and for its Baby (ABC1000), Pro2 (VMC4030P), Q (VMC3040), Q+ (VMC3040S), Lights (ALS1101), and Audio Doorbell (AAD1001) cameras in January 2024.

Pursuant to a new “End-of-Life Policy,” Arlo intends to eliminate nearly all support, services, and cloud features for the cameras listed above. This policy makes clear that, after the dates above, these cameras will lose cloud functionality, including email alerts, push notifications, and other “bundled services or features.” Notably, camera owners will no longer have free cloud storage, a feature that Arlo heavily advertised and was a primary selling point for many purchasers. Instead, owners of these cameras will be required to pay for the Arlo Secure subscription service to be able to be able to access their cameras remotely. Camera owners may even lose the ability to view live video and receive motion notifications, features that are essential to the purpose of a cloud-enabled home security camera.

Moreover, the company also announced that it will stop releasing security or software updates or bug fixes for these cameras, leaving them vulnerable to hacking and other security exploits and ultimately rendering them obsolete and nonfunctional.

Many customers purchased these cameras and installed them in their homes with the expectation that the free features and services were included in the purchase price and that Arlo would offer technical support indefinitely. Instead, customers are now faced with the choice of having to pay for services that Arlo advertised as free or to see their security cameras rendered insecure and nearly useless. Migliaccio & Rathod LLP hopes to hold Arlo accountable for eliminating cloud-based security cameras’ free services & features.

If you purchased and currently own one or more of the Arlo Generation 3, Pro, Pro2, Baby, Q, Q+, Lights, or Audio Doorbell cameras, reach out to us!

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