HP Omen Gaming Laptops Overheating, Throttling, and Shutting Down

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating HP over reports that their Omen gaming laptops experience consistent overheating and related performance issues such as slowing and shutting down. Excessive overheating substantially diminishes the functionality of the Omen laptops and causes them to fail to perform as advertised.

Overheating often causes performance issues such as screen freezing, reduced responsiveness, lag, sudden blue screen appearance and/or restarting or shutting down completely. Decreasing performance in response to excessive heat is known as “thermal throttling” and it cools a laptop at the cost of severely reducing its functionality. Laptop retailers often fail to include adequate heat management systems in their products and, as a result, many laptops primarily rely on thermal throttling to control temperatures even though it severely impacts the owner experience.

Owners express disappointment that the Omen laptop, which is marketed on HP’s website as a gaming laptop, overheats and shuts down even during low-impact usage. HP, in not taking action to address and solve the overheating issue of Omen laptops, places the burden of their own manufacturing failures directly on Omen laptop owners who have wasted time and resources searching for temporary solutions and/or purchasing external cooling implements.

Has your HP Omen gaming laptop experienced overheating and performance issues? If you purchased within the past 3 years, reach out to us!

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