Six Flags Not Paying Employees For Security Screenings

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Six Flags locations in Maryland and other states over allegations that they are not paying their employees for security screenings, which they require before and after each shift. Many states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, have state wage and hour laws that requires employees to be paid for all hours worked, including any time spent completing required tasks before or after scheduled shifts. Such tasks may include:

  • security screenings
  • health screenings
  • uniform / safety equipment prep
  • travel time on a shuttle bus
  • work done before clocking in
  • work done after clocking out

Six Flags employees have complained that they are subjected to required security screenings for which they are not compensated. Allegations are that Six Flags’ policy is for its employees to report to a far-away security check point (sometimes substantially across the amusement park) before clocking in to be paid. Similarly, following each shift, employees are required to clock out before walking across the park to undergo additional security screenings before being allowed to depart the park and actually complete their day of work. These required security screenings may amount to 10-40 minutes of unpaid time per day.

Are you a Six Flags employee not paid for security screenings?

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