Investigation of False Advertising for Kohl’s and Walmart’s Bamboo Products

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Kohl’s, Inc., Walmart, Inc, and other retailers following reports that they falsely marketed dozens of rayon textile products as bamboo. The retailers are alleged to have failed to identify these “bamboo” products as made of rayon in violation of the Textile Act. The Federal Trade Commission also alleged that both companies made deceptive environmental statements by advertising that the “bamboo” textiles were made using ecofriendly processes, when in reality, converting bamboo into rayon required the use of toxic chemicals and resulted in hazardous pollutants.

The FTC sued Kohl’s, Inc. and Walmart, Inc. and reached settlements with them, totaling $5.5 million. However, no compensation has been provided to consumers who were negatively affected by these deceptive marketing practices. The products in question include sheets, pillows, bath rugs, blankets, nursing bras, and towels.

Have you or someone you know purchased these rayon textile products marketed to you as “bamboo” material? Did you purchase these products under the impression that they were “eco-friendly”?

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