Investigation of Car Dealerships’ Additional Fees

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating car dealerships across the country over allegations that they are adding on unnecessary and excessive fees at a time when vehicles are already sold at record-high prices.  According to a recent article in Time Magazine, dealers are routinely working to recoup losses from the pandemic by levying junk fees, which place an excessive financial burden directly on consumers. Dealers tack on these “discretionary fees” for various “optional” services and product additions, sometimes regardless of whether the service or product is, in fact, included on the vehicle in question and often without a buyer’s explicit request or consent.  For example, one such fee is known as a Vehicle Identification Numbers (“VIN”) Etching Fee, which relates to a practice that is meant to aid in theft prevention, wherein dealerships permanently engrave VINs onto vehicles so that stickers cannot be removed. In reviewing their invoices, buyers complain these fees for “optional” services for which they were never consulted and were not interested. Sometimes the etching is not even done thought the fee is charged. Additionally, and to add insult to injury, dealer fees, which are meant to be negotiated, are being unceremoniously lumped into the final sale price without the approval of the consumer or the opportunity to negotiate.

Migliaccio & Rathod wants to hold car dealerships accountable for their deceptive pricing tactics that result in consumers paying above market value for new vehicles.

Have you purchased a car since the start of the pandemic and noticed excessive additional fees to which you did not consent or about which were not forewarned?

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