HP Laptop Hinge Defect Class Action Lawsuit

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP, with Scott Hirsch Law Group PLLC and Gustafson Gluek, has filed a class action lawsuit against HP over allegations that several versions of their laptops have defective hinges that break off from the bases of the devices upon opening. The suit further alleges that this “material defect… prevents them from being used as portrayed in HP’s advertising materials, and HP concealed, failed to disclose or otherwise engaged in deceptive marketing with respect to this defect.” Moreover, the lawsuit pursues consumer claims that the defect prevents the laptop from closing or opening and that the destabilized hinges render the devices too fragile for transport, hence making them virtually unusable even after only months of use. Affected laptops include:

  • Envy Laptops
  • Envy 360 Laptops
  • Pavilion Laptops
  • Pavilion 360 Laptops
  • HP 14 Laptops
  • HP 15 Laptops
  • HP 17 Laptops

The full complaint in this HP Laptop Defect Class Action Lawsuit, Greenberg, et al. v. HP Inc., Case No. 9:21-cv-82107-DMM, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, can be found here.

Have you purchased an HP laptop with defective hinges?

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