Medical Spa False Advertising Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating false advertising claims made by the medical spa industry. Offering traditional esthetic services, such as manicures and hairstyling, the medspa industry has waded into a regulatory gray area by also providing arguably medical services for aesthetic purposes that they may not be qualified to offer, due to the lack of licensed personnel.

For example, medspas may market “sculpting,” “shaping” or “contouring” services that promise quick fat loss through use of certain equipment and treatments. Such services could be considered medical treatment that may require a licensed physician to administer treatment, or require a physician’s supervision. Tasking estheticians with medical procedures not only leads clients to believe that their treatment will be handled by a competent, licensed professional—thereby exposing clients to the unauthorized and/or unlicensed practice of medicine—it also increases the risk of injury to the client or patient.

Have you received medical services from unlicensed personnel in a medical spa?

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