Samsung Galaxy e-SIM False Advertising Investigation

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Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Samsung smartphones for advertising e-SIM functionality without providing the advertised functionality. e-SIM is an attractive prospect for buyers who would like to cut down their use of two phones to one because a phone that supports e-SIM allows for a physical SIM card to be inserted into the phone to store one phone number, while the pre-loaded e-SIM can be used to store a separate phone number. The user, in essence, is able to have two separate phone numbers on one smartphone. According to owners of the Galaxy Z Flip, e-SIM was not available at launch but was promised to be enabled later on via a software update. A year later, the functionality has yet to be enabled. Samsung’s own page for the Z Fold2 states: “eSIM requires a wireless service plan and allows you activate a mobile network plan without the use of a nano SIM. eSIM availability may vary depending on software version, country and carrier. Check with your carrier if your mobile network plan supports eSIM.” There is no mention as to where e-SIM is supported.

The following Samsung smartphones are believed to advertise e-SIM functionality:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE 5g
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Ultra 5g
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra (Single SIM Nano-SIM and/or eSIM models )
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Did your Samsung Galaxy device advertise e-SIM functionality but has failed to provide it?

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