Aveda Institute Deceptive Marketing and Unpaid Wages Investigation

Update (10/9/2019): This Investigation is Now Closed and We Are No Longer Pursuing Action.

Migliaccio and Rathod LLP is investigating claims involving the Aveda Institute’s deceptive marketing to prospective cosmetology students and failure to pay student employees for unpaid labor performed in its salons across the country, including in Washington D.C.  Enrollees report that they were told by program representatives that the Aveda Institute is the “Harvard of Hair.”  Marketing materials state that the Institute offers a one-of-a-kind “hands-on experience” with training “by licensed educators within a salon environment” in which “[s]tudents will learn the latest styles and techniques in haircutting, hair styling and hair coloring.”  See, e.g., https://avedainstitutessouth.edu/programs/cosmetology/ . These representations have induced consumers to pay over $20,000 in tuition to enroll in the Aveda Institute.

The reality, current student employees report, is very different from what was promised.  In Washington D.C.’s Aveda Institute, these student employees state that they have gone months without licensed educators, performing the same straightforward haircuts and nail jobs for customers in the Aveda salon for upwards of 12 hours each day.  While the customers pay Aveda for the services, the student employees receive no wage from Aveda.  According to current student employees, classroom time has been very limited and often consisted of observing hairstyling videos on Youtube with no instructor present.  As a result, students feel unprepared for the state licensing exam.

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