Asus GL502VS Gaming Laptop Class Action Investigation

Asus GL502 Investigation of Battery Drainage and Thermal Throttling

Asus GL502 Owners Report Battery Drainage, Even When Plugged In To Power Source

Concerned GL502 owners have been reporting for several months that the GL502VS laptop can lose battery even when plugged in to an electrical outlet. Consumers have also reported significantly reduced computing performance or total computer shutdowns as a result of the battery drain issue. Reports also indicate that GL502VS laptops sent to Asus for warranty repairs are being returned un-repaired. 

ASUS has issued two firmware updates — BIOS 300 and BIOS 301 — in an attempt to remedy the battery drain issues. Neither of the software updates were effective. ASUS also indicated on two separate occasions that it was developing a hardware fix. Neither of those hardware fixes were ever delivered.

The “Independent” Cooling System of the GL502VS Laptops

Asus advertises that the GL502 contains a “Hyper Cool Duo-Copper cooling system,” which  uses two fans and independent heat pipes to cool the CPU and GPU. The advantage of an independent cooling system is that the internal temperature of the laptop can be managed more effectively, leading to reduced heat (and increased performance).

Contrary to Asus’s representations, the CPU and the GPU of the GL502 laptops appear to not contain independent cooling systems.  Instead, the cooling systems, pictured below, both share copper cooling pipes. Consequently, the shared pipes must dissipate heat generated by both the GPU and CPU in the GL502, potentially leading to increased thermal throttling and reduced performance.

Image result for gl502vs motherboard
Asus GL502VS motherboard and cooling system

Do you own an Asus GL502 Laptop that Generates Excessive Heat or Loses Battery Life While Plugged In?

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