Deceptive Trade Practice

Investigation of Violations of the Fair Workweek Law in U.S. Cities

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Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Chipotle, and other restaurants and retailers, for violations to the Fair Workweek Law which protects employees from unpredictable schedules. Employees of various restaurants and retail stores report that erratic work schedules are common, which disallows them from planning their lives. With last minute shift notice and sometimes too […]

Civil Rights

Against All Odds: LGBTQIA+ Victory

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Last week, the Supreme Court affirmed through its examination of an act written in 1964, that LGBT employees are indeed protected from workplace discrimination. The decision in Bostock v. Clayton County marks an important step toward the ideal behind the phrase “Justice for All” and extends to another marginalized group workplace protections previously unprovided. Put […]