CooperSurgical, Inc. Defective Fertility Product Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod is currently investigating medical supply company CooperSurgical, Inc. for defective culture media products that allegedly destroy embryos created with in vitro fertilization (IVF). CooperSurgical – which manufactures, markets, and sells products to fertility clinics – distributes a particular product designed to support IVF-created embryos by surrounding fertilized eggs during incubation and providing additional nutrients to help them develop into viable embryos. However, in December 2023, CooperSurgical recalled certain groups of its culture media products after determining that the product could harm and destroy embryos instead of supporting their growth. The product was used by clinics across the US throughout November and December, and experts estimate that thousands of patients may have been affected. Several individuals pursuing IVF have come forward and filed class action lawsuits after CooperSurgical’s defective culture media product was used on their fertilized eggs and their embryos consequently stopped growing.

Are you or a loved one currently undergoing, or have you previously undergone, IVF treatments? Do you believe CooperSurgical’s defective culture media product caused harm to your embryos?

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