DC Landlords’ Discriminatory Practices Against Voucher Holders

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating reports that DC landlords are engaging in discriminatory practices against voucher holders by unlawfully refusing to lease to people on the grounds of past financial trouble, including credit score, income level, and history of late or non-payment of rent. The D.C. council has recently passed a law strengthening anti-discrimination protection which specifically prevents landlords from discriminating against voucher holders because of their economic status before receiving the voucher.

Despite these updated protections, voucher holders continue to report being discriminatory practices by D.C. landlords in rejecting voucher holders for their previous economic struggles. Some such applicants report that despite jumping through leasing agents’ hoops such as completing and passing background checks, gaining approval for their vouchers, and being cleared to move into an applied for apartment, landlords still deny their application at the last minute due to purported credit score concerns. These types of denials are expressly prohibited by D.C. city law and many expressed distress and discontent at having potential tenancy deceptively dangled before them and unlawfully snatched away. Migliaccio & Rathod shares voucher holders’ concerns that landlords and leasing companies are discriminating against them on the basis of prior fiscal difficulties and believes that all people have a right to fair and equitable access to housing.

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