Problematic Marketing of the Self-Cleaning Oven Feature

Migliaccio & Rathod is currently investigating widespread problematic marketing of the self-cleaning oven feature represented by many popular oven manufacturers. The self-cleaning feature at issue is a simple concept wherein various ovens can be locked and heated to extreme temperatures over the course of several hours in order to burn off spills and splatters within the oven, especially those caked on heating elements themselves. Despite the purported ease and convenience of this form of oven cleaning in lieu of manual efforts, recent reports from consumers and experts alike call into question certain serious drawbacks of utilizing it. In fact, many reference that, as a result of the extreme temperatures, the ovens often experience failure of various elements including blowing a fuse or frying the control panel. Moreover, they say, the risk of these serious functional deficiencies which, in some cases, require costly repairs, is simply not worth it when newer ovens already tend to shield heating elements beneath other hardware so that the base of the oven is already easier to manually clean.

Despite such reports, oven manufacturers continue to market and sell purported self-cleaning ovens which turn out to be self-destructive to the detriment of their consumers.

Has your self-cleaning oven, purchased within the last 3 years, experienced fuse blow-out, control panel failure, or other expensive damages over the course of a self-clean as designed?

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