Meta Quest 2 Headset Melted USB-C Port

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Meta for reports of melted USB-C ports on its virtual reality (VR) headset, the Meta Quest 2. Some owners have reported that the USB-C port used to charge the Meta Quest 2 device overheated to the point of melting the port and surrounding plastic. The Meta Quest 2 Headset Melted USB-C Port defect presents a serious safety concern that could easily lead to harming the user, as well as causing greater damage to the device and to its surroundings. Further damage from the Meta Quest 2 Headset Melted USB-C Port was only prevented, owners report, because they were home when the device was charging, and they could smell the burning plastic in time to unplug the headset from its outlet. Owners who have experienced the Meta Quest 2 Headset Melted USB-C Port problem were using OEM chargers, so it is currently unclear whether the chargers are to blame, or whether there is a battery charge protocol overcharging these devices.

Has the USB-C port on your Meta Quest 2 melted while the device was being charged?

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