Radiology Data Leak Investigation: Gateway Diagnostic & Radiology Ltd

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating both the Texas-based Gateway Diagnostic Imaging (“Gateway”) and Arizona-based Radiology Ltd for recent data breaches.  In both cases, hackers breached the company’s computer systems in December 2021, seizing patient information. Other radiological providers have also disclosed a data breach incident from December 2021.  The incidents may be related—hackers may have gained access to a shared database between various radiology practices.


Both Gateway Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology Ltd have reported this data breach.  Given how long it has been since the breach, hackers may have already been able to sell the data or otherwise benefit from the fraudulent misuse of such information. People affected by the data breach may have already noticed (or may soon notice) one or more of the following types of fraudulent activity related to their personal and health information: unauthorized credit card inquiries or charges, requests for loans or benefits in an individual’s name without their consent, inaccurate information in one’s medical file, or disrupted use of an institution’s website.

Have you recently received a data breach notification letter from Gateway, Radiology Ltd, or another radiology provider?

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