GoTrax Hoverboard and Scooter Overheating

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating allegations of GoTrax hoverboard and scooter overheating and consequent functional failures, thus failing to meet marketed standards. Specifically, consumers report that the products’ wheels get extremely hot to touch and shut themselves off, sometimes permanently. With the scooters, some users have found themselves stranded, reporting that one or both wheels exhibit resistance, making the scooter dangerous and inefficient for use in the transit for which it is intended. The hoverboard, in a similar manner, sometimes shuts down on one or both sides, creating a hazard for users who, if in the middle of moving, could lose balance and topple over. Some devices are marketed for all terrain use and owners express disappointment that the products, marketed for such ubiquitous transit and recreation, often instead overheat during normal use, and put the users at risk of real physical harm.

This unpredictable overheating and loss of functionality has yet to be adequately addressed by GoTrax. Their “solutions” to these defects, contrary to all terrain and off-road marketing especially in hoverboards, include recommendations to avoid overloading the device by steering clear of steep inclines, high weight loads and overcharging.

Within the past 3 years, have you experienced GoTrax Scooter and Hoverboard Overheating or complete device failure?

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