Hisense 4K Android TV Lag, Slowdown, Bootloop, and Crashing Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating 2019-Present Hisense 4K Android Smart TVs, including the H8F, H8G, and H9F series, for a number of user-reported issues such as lag, general sluggishness, bootloops, and continuous crashing without the ability to be reset. With a retail price starting at $399, Hisense 4K Android Smart TVs have now received hundreds of complaints from users who state that firmware updates have not fixed these issues and that replacement TVs purchased outside of the standard return period suffer from the same defects. Multiple users have reported that these problems start appearing immediately after the device is purchased from a retailer during normal function of the TVs’ streaming applications. Although Hisense has acknowledged these problems, customer service representatives have refused to issue refunds or delayed the processing of customer complaints, locking users out of the TVs’ return period.

Has Your Hisense TV Suffered from Lag, Slowdowns, Bootloops, or Continuous Crashing?

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