Kroger Data Breach Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Kroger for a data breach that took place as early as December 23, 2020. At issue is the file transfer application product used by Kroger, which is supplied by the company Accellion. Kroger reports that no debit card information or customer account passwords were compromised—customers who used Kroger Health or Kroger Money Services had data exposed, including pharmacy records, money services records, and even social security numbers. In addition, the human resources records of current and former employees were compromised by the breach.

Though Accellion notes that less than 50 of its customers were affected, Accellion’s services are intended for corporate businesses. One customer, like Kroger, holds potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of client records from customers that shop in its supermarkets or fill their prescriptions at their pharmacies. Accellion reports that some of its customers have received “extortion emails” threatening to publish stolen data. The full extent of this breach, then, is not yet known.

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