Home Depot and Whole Foods Counterfeit Fraser Fir Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Whole Foods and Home Depot for complaints that during the 2019 holiday season, they sold counterfeit Christmas trees, charging customers a higher price by deceptively mislabeling the tree variety. The Fraser Fir is the more expensive tree in comparison to Canadian Balsam Firs, however, these retailers face allegations that they deceptively labeled all of the trees as Fraser Firs. Bottomley Evergreen, the supplier of these major retailers, markets itself as a North Carolina based grower and exporter of Fraser Firs, yet it imported 100,000+ Canadian Balsam Firs, which it then mislabeled and sold to Whole Foods and Home Depot as Frasers. Despite receiving written notice of the fraudulent activity, Home Depot and Whole Foods neglected to immediately relabel and renounce the activity. Rather, they allegedly continued to sell the mislabeled trees for at least days, but potentially the entire 2019 tree season.

Did you buy an Evergreen tree labeled Fraser Fir from Whole Foods or Home Depot during the 2019 holiday season?

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