2017-2018 Honda Accord, 2017-2018 Honda Pilot, and 2017-2019 Honda CR-V Premature Battery Failure Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating 2017-2018 Honda Accords, 2017-2018 Pilots, and 2017-2019 CR-Vs for the premature failure of their batteries. Accord owners have noted that, even though the vehicle is not running, the battery drains, leading to owners’ inability to start their vehicles without needing a jump. Not only is the battery drained at low mileage, but the problem re-occurs with subsequent replacements that can happen shortly after a new battery has been installed. The alternator appears to be partly to blame, as it fails to charge the battery and may also require replacing.

Has the battery in your 2017-2018 Honda Accord, 2017-2018 Pilot, or 2017-2019 Honda CR-V prematurely failed?

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