M&R Investigates Bitcoin Mines Causing Health Concerns

M&R is currently investigating several Bitcoin mines across the nation for generating exceedingly loud noise which, as reported by various individuals, has resulted in severe health concerns.

What are Bitcoin mines?

Bitcoin mines are data centers established to power the Bitcoin mining process. Because Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses encryption to protect and verify transactions, it requires significant energy to maintain and support its complex cryptographic operations. Bitcoin mines are physical locations with tens of thousands of computers running 24/7, which contain, manage and transmit massive amounts of cryptographic data.

About the investigation

Bitcoin mines have begun to be established close to residential neighborhoods. People residing close to a Bitcoin mine have reported that the mine generates a loud buzzing sound, at times equivalent to that of a jet engine, almost 24 hours a day. Following the establishment of such mines, otherwise healthy residents within the vicinity have reported suffering from severe health issues such as debilitating headaches, hypertension, vertigo, heart palpitations, heart failure etc. Children and adults alike have experienced hearing loss, ear infections and migraines, while pet animals such as dogs have experienced baldness and acute anxiety resulting in seizures.

Research studies show that exposure to loud noises after just one day can lead to diminished vascular function. Continued nighttime exposure can result in heart failure and can impair cognitive development in children, raising concerns amongst people of affected areas about the consequences of the Bitcoin mine operating within proximity to their residences. Migliaccio & Rathod shares such residents’ concerns that the mines may be the cause of severe health problems and believes that companies managing these centers must be held accountable for these practices.

Have you or someone you know been affected by loud noises generated from Bitcoin mines?

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