Sonos Roam Speaker Defective Battery Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Sonos for various battery issues with the Roam speaker, including premature battery failure and shorter battery life than advertised.

Retailing at $179, the Roam portable smart speaker has now received hundreds of complaints from owners who state that their speaker’s battery failed prematurely, rendering the speaker useless after 12-14 months. Many owners report that the battery failure occurred shortly after warranty expired, and while several online reviews mention that Sonos has offered a replacement out of warranty or a 30% coupon for any Sonos product, owners remain disappointed in the speaker’s poor battery performance and short lifespan.

Other owners are frustrated with the battery life, which is advertised by Sonos as 10 hours but, according to some owners, only lasts a couple of hours without a charge. Some owners even claim that the speaker dies shortly after taking it off the charger. Reviews on Sonos’ product site include, “The battery life is horrible. It’s a ‘wireless’ speaker, but you pretty much need to keep it on the charger or else it’s dead” and “sound is good but battery lasts a couple of hours only- not the 10 hours advertised.”

Does your Sonos Roam speaker have battery issues or other defects?

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