Asus Hinge Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod is investigating Asus over reports that many of their laptops, including the Zenbook, Zenbook Flip, and Vivobook, suffer from defective hinges. Hinge cracking and weakness commonly arises among poorly constructed laptops and often cause much larger functional hindrances. The hinges may become too stiff or loosen and become unable to hold the screen up. Defective hinges can also cause unevenness in the display angle, or, in the worst cases, crack the screen or the plastic around the screen due to uneven pressure. In addition, improper heat management can lead to melting of the hinge’s adhesive and similar problems.

In whichever way the hinge defect manifests, consumers report the same outcome: substantially diminished functionality of their Asus laptops. Owners depend upon Asus’ representations of highly functional and versatile laptops in their decision to choose Asus model laptops over competitors, only to find that the laptops do not live up to marketed standards and are substantially unusable upon the manifestation of this hinge defect. Many consumers have expressed disappointment and dismay that they had to pay a premium for a substandard product.

Have you purchased an Asus laptop in the last three years that’s suffered from defective hinges?

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