Apple iPhone 15 Overheating Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating the Apple iPhone 15 for overheating. Users report that their newly purchased iPhones are overheating to uncomfortable levels when using applications, playing games, charging, and during other ordinary uses.

Experts suspect that the primary cause is likely due to compromises made within the devices’ thermal design. For example, the iPhone 15 uses a titanium frame to achieve a lighter weight. While this may make the phone lighter and sleeker, this also reduces heat dissipation and affects the thermal efficiency of the phones, causing them to reach very high temperatures. This issue persists across all models of the iPhone 15.

Experts suggest that a software update may not be enough to remedy this defect, and that lowering the device’s processor performance is likely necessary. Apple has marketed this iPhone to be a “gaming powerhouse,” but lowering processor performance would mean that Apple is unable to deliver on its promises of a faster and more efficient phone.

Apple has not yet released any fixes to this issue, meaning that your iPhone 15 will continue to be susceptible to overheating.

Has your iPhone 15 experienced the overheating defect?

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