Deceptive HomeVestors Franchisees Buying Practices

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating HomeVestors of America and its franchisees based on reports surrounding deceptive buying practices. HomeVestors may be best known through their frequent billboards announcing, “We Buy Ugly Homes”, and works as a franchisor for house flippers looking to quickly purchase homes. A recent report has uncovered a variety of deceptive home buying practices, including purchasing homes from those suffering from age-related mental decline, filing lawsuits against the aged and infirm for attempting to cancel sales, or purchasing homes not from the legal owner.

Homevestors allegedly failed to monitor its franchisee’s other deceptive buying practices including lying about necessary improvement or repairs in order to purchase a home for a low cost, then proceeding to sell the home at a higher price without making those improvements or repairs. Real Estate experts have labelled these practices as deceptive, predatory, and a clear sign that franchisees know they are making bad offers. Additionally, a variety of consumers have complained that loved ones suffering from illnesses such as dementia or loved ones deemed incapable of managing their finances have been targeted and possibly subjected to elder abuse by HomeVestors franchisees.


Did you or a loved one suffering from mental decline sell your property to a HomeVestors franchise under potentially predatory or deceptive terms?


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