Defective Hinges in Various MSI Laptops Including Delta, GE, & GF

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating reports of defective hinges in various MSI laptops, including Delta, GE, & GF laptops, and other impacted models. Consumers report that, despite years of reporting this issue to MSI, their laptops, especially the Delta, GE, and GF models, continue to experience hinge weakness and cracking. These defects commonly stem from manufacturing and design defects or poor material selection and lead to far more severe consequences, which can hinder the overall functionality of the laptops. For example, if the hinges become extremely stiff or loose, the mobility and security of the screen are compromised. Moreover, defects in one or both hinges can also cause unevenness in the angle of the display, or even cause the screen, its plastic shell, or the entire area around the hinge to crack from the uneven pressure. Regardless, consumers of these laptops are dismayed that MSI continues to manufacture such poorly constructed products, which they purchase only to discover the hinge defect.

Have you experienced defective hinges in MSI Delta, GE, & GF Laptops, or any other laptop manufactured by MSI and purchased within the past 3 years? If so, reach out to us!


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