Atomic Heart Bait and Switch Pre-Sale Offers

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Mundfish for their purported Atomic Heart bait and switch pre-sale offers.  Years before the game was set for release in February 2023, Mundfish offered purchasable bundles, such as the Download Edition and the Founder’s Edition, that allowed gamers to invest up to $90 in certain pre-release and in game perks and promises. Many such promises included 7-day early access, digital soundtrack, behind the scenes videos, digital art books, founder’s badge on game profile, photo and name appearing in-game as founders’ recognition, access to beta version in 2019, and more. However, such investors allege that the only promise kept by the time of release is the recognition of founders via inclusion of their photos and names in the game.

Gamers who paid in advance for perks related to Atomic Heart report supreme dissatisfaction with the way that Mundfish misled them into believing they would be paying for things that they would never receive. This dissatisfaction began, in fact, years before release as the game maker refused to offer information via support threads and, months before release, finally explained via moderated chat rooms that they would, indeed, not be providing many of the aforementioned perks. Despite repeated complaints and attempts at contact, many individuals report that Mundfish outright refused to answer, never offered substantially equitable alternatives to the original offers, and/or never offered refund for the failed promises.

Did you purchase any pre-sale bundle that you never received prior to or upon release of Atomic Heart?

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