2018-2021 MacBook Pro T-Con Board Failures

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating 2018 and later Macbook Pro laptops regarding T-Con board failures caused by prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures. The T-Con board connects the logic board to the laptop’s screen. Because of the T-Con’s placement above the heat sink and near the heat sink fins, it is directly adjacent to the laptop’s main sources of heat. When the T-Con board overheats, it causes horizontal lines to appear across the display that worsen over time. These horizontal lines often appear when a laptop is under a heavy processing load and internal heat rises. Frequent and prolonged overheating of this component may eventually result in display failure, with the cost of repairing the display assembly totaling approximately $600.

Owners of these 2018- 2021 Macbook Pros with T-Con board failures report that stopping their use of the laptop temporarily fixes the issue, likely because the laptop has cooled down. Avoiding this problem altogether, however, would require Macbook Pro owners to restrict their laptop usage to light tasks, even though their devices are advertised as capable of handling demanding tasks.

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