Tax Filing Information Shared

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating various websites used for e-filing tax returns whose users report that they had their tax filing information shared with Meta and/or Google without their knowledge and consent. Meta, the company which owns and manages Facebook, also provides additional tools to businesses including their Meta Pixel. Meta Pixel and Google Analytics collect and share data with the goal of optimizing targeted digital advertising campaigns. Companies offering tax e-filing services, including TaxAct, H&R Block, and Tax Slayer, have utilized Meta Pixel and Google Analytics without notifying their clients. Clients understand that e-filing services necessarily collect client information for tax filing purposes. The IRS bars collection of data outside of that which is immediately necessary to facilitate filing unless clients give explicit consent about collection of other precise information. The above listed companies, among others, collected usernames, email addresses, and detailed financial information such as income, tax refunds, filing statuses, and even dependent college scholarship information. Clients report that, potentially in violation of IRS regulations, tax e-filing companies have not requested explicit authorization for collection of superfluous information nor the dissemination of their information outside of the company with which they believe they are doing business. Clients have not consented to having their tax filing information shared in this way.

The companies at issue claim that their clients’ privacy is important to them, yet many, even after having learned of the potential violations, have failed to utilize Meta Pixel differently.

Did you use a tax e-filing service who may have shared your tax filing information?

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