LG IMS Error Message Class Action Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating T-Mobile on behalf of LG smartphone owners whose devices were rendered unusable on or around May 22, 2022, due to a network side system update. LG smartphone owners report repeatedly receiving an “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped” message, which obstructs the owner’s use of the phone. In addition, owners are unable to make calls or send text messages. Affected appear to be all LG smartphones connected to T-Mobile’s network, including the G-series, V-series, Stylo line, and others. While T-Mobile has sent out an update to rectify the issue, some owners report that their phones continue receiving the IMS message and have not regained functionality. As of this writing, it will have been five days since service was interrupted and phones were rendered unusable, despite being perfectly functional prior to T-Mobile’s network update.

Is your LG phone on T-Mobile’s network still receiving the “LG IMS” message?

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