Data Breach Investigation of Leaked Florida Digestive Health Specialists Patient Information

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Florida Digestive Health Specialists (“FDHS”) for failing to safeguard sensitive patient information in a data breach that occurred in December of 2020. The data breach occurred when the healthcare provider learned that funds had been misrouted into an unknown bank account through unauthorized access to an employee’s email account. An investigation determined that FDHS employee email accounts containing sensitive patient information had also been accessed by the unauthorized actors, resulting in the release of patient names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, financial information, health insurance information, medical information, diagnoses, and health insurance information.

Some of the Florida Digestive Health Specialists facilities affected by the data breach include:

• Suncoast Endoscopy of Sarasota
• Gastroenterology Associates of Sarasota
• Bayview Endoscopy Center
• Center for Endoscopy—Sarasota
• Sarasota Center for Digestive Disease
• University Gastro—Sarasota
• Florida Digestive Disease Specialists—Sarasota
• Florida Digestive Disease Specialists—Lakewood Ranch
• Pathology Laboratory
• Florida Research Institute
• Bradenton Surgery Center
• Manatee Surgical Center
• Suncoast GI Associates—Bradenton
• University Gastro—Manatee County
• Gastroenterology Associates of Manatee
• Venice Gastroenterology
• Gulf Coast Endoscopy Center
• Gulf Comprehensive Gastroenterology
• Gulf Comprehensive Surgery Center
• Suncoast GI Associates—Sun City
• Charlotte Harbor Gastroenterology
• Tampa Bay Regional Surgery Center
• Florida Center for Gastroenterology
• Bardmoor Surgery Center
• Gastroenterology Center of Tampa Bay
• Brandon Surgery Center
• Space Coast Endoscopy Center
• Space Coast Gastroenterology Specialists
• Emerald Coast Digestive Health Specialists—Santa Rose Beach
• Destin Surgery Center
• Emerald Coast Digestive Health Specialists—Niceville
• Emerald Coast Digestive Health Specialists—Fort Walton Beach
• Emerald Coast Surgery Center
• Emerald Coast Digestive Health Specialists—Crestview
• Crestview Surgery Center

When unauthorized actors target healthcare providers, these criminals can acquire and sell patient information such as social security numbers, health insurance information, personal identifiers, and other important identifying information. In previous data breaches, victims of data theft have been forced to spend money on credit monitoring services or other fraudulent charges. Some patients may have noticed one or more of the following types of fraudulent activity related to their healthcare information: suspicious credit card charges, requests for services or loans in a patient’s name, medical procedures ordered without patient consent, and/or disrupted medical care.

Are you or have you been a Florida Digestive Health Specialists patient who has received a data breach notification letter in the past year?

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