Canon EOS R5 Cool-Down Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Canon Inc. over allegations that, due to its recording limits and restrictive cool-down requirements, their EOS R5 camera fails to live up to the technical capabilities suggested in their initial marketing push. The camera’s official limits are only thirty-five minutes of continuous recording when shooting 4K/60p, and fifteen minutes for 4K/120p. In addition, the camera’s mandated cool-down periods have largely been considered excessive and restricting. For instance, once the camera indicates that it is nearing the overheat threshold on the 4K/60p setting, it then requires ten minutes of cool-down to allow an additional ten minutes of shooting. This 1:1 cool-down ratio imposes strict shooting constraints that fall outside of both amateur and professional photographers’ expected range. More controversially, a recent investigation by EOSHD, a respected source, suggests that these cool-down periods, as well as other overheating issues, arise from artificial software limits, rather actual physical restrictions. In the end, EOSHD reports that they believe Canon is “lying to their customers” about the issues they may face with their EOS R5 cameras.

Are you an owner of a Canon EOS R5 who has experienced problems with restrictive usage limits and excessive cool-down periods?

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