2019-2021 Honda Passport, 2019-2020 Pilot, 2019-2020 Odyssey Defective Dashboard Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating the 2019-2021 Honda Passport, 2019-2020 Honda Pilot, and 2019-2020 Honda Odyssey for a defective infotainment screen and dashboard that blacks out the vehicle’s radio along with the vehicle’s instrument cluster. Pilot owners report that the dashboard and infotainment screen may become non-functional while driving, leading to a lack of radio, navigation, functioning cruise control, or other safety features, including a functional backup camera. The affected Honda vehicles use a digital dashboard, meaning that any electrical malfunction has the potential to cause a short or disruption that would lead to a blackedout screen. Drivers report that shutting the car off and on temporarily resolves the issue, though a crackling noise may also be heard through the speaker when the radio is off. 

Has the dashboard or infotainment screen gone out in your 2019-2021 Honda Passport, 2019-2020 Odyssey, or 2019-2020 Pilot? 

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