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Does Feature a Misleading Profile in Your Name?

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Have you ever Googled yourself and found a profile in your name on “,” riddled with inaccurate and unsettling information? While there are all sorts of websites that seek to profit from your personal information, many consumers are particularly troubled over one called

With “ALERTS!” in bold, red, capital letters, leaves the details of your record to the imagination – of a potential employer, romantic partner, or anyone else with access to the internet.

For example, may indicate your background report contains an “arrest or criminal record,” when you have no criminal history whatsoever, or a minor offense – such as a speeding ticket – which by no means constitutes a criminal conviction. The website may also erroneously report that you have civil records, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, or other nefarious information in your name. Additionally, you may be surprised to see that assigns you a disapproving “reputation score,” such as a rating of 2.75 out of 5. This is an arbitrary score assigned to you by the website. To make matters worse, in order to view the misleading information contained in your own background report, requires that you pay a fee to the website.

Have you uncovered a misleading profile in your name on

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