Excessive Medical Fees Class Action Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is investigating potentially “unconscionable” or excessive fees for medical services charged in the District of Columbia by large health care providers such as MedStar Health. Recent studies have found that the prices for common exams and routine procedures vary wildly between offices separated by only a few miles. The Washington Post reports that, in one instance, an ankle MRI in downtown Washington cost $400, with the price more than quadrupling to $1,861 in another doctor’s office about two miles away. Another analysis showed that prices for mammograms can cost anywhere between $150 and $663.

Large healthcare outfits should not unfairly profit from charging exorbitant rates on standard procedures. This is all the more true since patients are typically not told how much a specific procedure or test will cost until after they see an eye-popping bill in the mail.

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