Migliaccio & Rathod LLP Investigates Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Battery Failures

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is investigating reports that batteries in Surface Pro 3 laptops are holding almost none of their charge. Consumers have relayed that the laptops, which have Simplo batteries installed, substantially and progressively degrade over time to the point where they are virtually nonfunctional.  While all batteries can be expected to experience reduced performance as they age, the problems that plague Simplo batteries are far worse and appear to only be remedied by a repair costing in the neighborhood of $500.

Almost every state (and the District of Columbia) has a consumer protection statute that broadly prohibits unfair and deceptive trade practices. If the reports about the Surface Pro 3 batteries prove true, our law firm believes that the sale of the laptops with the defect may have constituted an unfair and deceptive trade practice that may entitle a purchaser to relief. The attorneys at Migliaccio & Rathod LLP have successfully prosecuted several consumer protection class action cases, including a case against Lenovo involving defective laptops, which resulted in a classwide settlement. (Disclaimer: past successes do not guarantee future results). If you are an owner of the Surface Pro 3, and have experienced significant battery life issues, please fill out the survey form here: http://bit.ly/2yYyvR2. You can also call our office at 202-470-3520.

UPDATE: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Flickering Display Investigation

Consumers report flickering displays in Surface Pro 4 laptops, approximately one year after purchase. The number of affected consumers has caught the attention of major media outlets, like The Verge, and warrants an investigation by our law firm. As the screen issue can occur after the warranty has already expired, Surface Pro 4 buyers are asked to pay $800 for an out-of-warranty exchange. Read about our investigation by clicking here.