Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Class Action Investigation

Microsoft Creates a Replacement Program for Surface Pro 4 Owners. We are no longer pursuing action related to this defect.

We are thrilled to announce that Microsoft has heeded our collective call to do right and agreed to a replacement program for Surface Pro 4 devices that experience screen flickering.  The replacement program can be found here and includes further information on how to prepare your device for shipping. This move by Microsoft comes as a result of the large number of Surface Pro 4 owners who raised the issue of flickering screens occurring soon after their devices were out of warranty. Microsoft’s replacement program comes as a victory to Surface Pro 4 owners. As a result, we are no longer pursuing action related to this defect.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Investigation

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is investigating screen flickering issues in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Released in 2015, affected users report that the Surface’s flickering display is manifesting approximately one year after purchase, at which point the warranty had already expired. As the problem appears to be connected to the hardware, over-the-air software patches are unavailable to address users’ complaints, leaving Surface Pro 4 buyers with no choice but to pay $800 for an out-of-warranty exchange. Since refurbished units may also experience flickering screens, this problem has not been limited to new Surface Pro 4 products.

More than 1800 Surface Pro 4 owners have reported the issue, which is dubbed “Flickergate”, but have received no form of recourse from Microsoft. These devices cost over $1500 and are marketed as capable, work machines for productivity and entertainment purposes. That so many people have been affected after only one year of ownership speaks to the poor reliability of Microsoft products, as corroborated by Consumer Reports.

Have you Experienced Screen Flickering Issues in your Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Many states have laws that allow for a consumer to recover for a defective product even if the defect occurs outside of the warranty period. If the screen in your Surface Pro 4 product has flickered, we would like to speak with you. Complete the contact form on this page or give us a call at (202) 470-3520.

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UPDATE: Surface Pro 4 Battery and Type Covers also Defective

Along with screen flickering issues, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 owners are also reporting dead batteries and unresponsive type covers. As is the case with the Surface Pro 4’s screen, these issues occur after the warranty has already expired, leaving consumers with no recourse beyond out-of-pocket costs. Microsoft has posted troubleshooting guides in its support site, but they have frequently proven ineffective for many users.