Deceptive Advertising of HP Printers

Migliaccio & Rathod is investigating reports of deceptive advertising of HP printers, where HP claims that many of their printers are registered in the EPEAT, or Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, registry but dozens of models are not. The EPEAT registry is designed to help consumers better understand the environmental impact of their purchases, with several provisions and rules that help customers navigate the uncertain ecological landscape of electronics. 

However, consumers report that HP printers violate EPEAT criteria, with several consumers and organizations stating that HP had repeatedly released firmware updates that target ecofriendly ink cartridges or non-manufacturer cartridges. Several sections of EPEAT’s rules strictly prohibit this, with one part stating that “prevent the use of non-manufacturer cartridges and non-manufacturer containers.” Additionally, HP has claimed that it abides by EPEAT’s rules and then has directly stated that its products are designed counter to EPEAT criteria. 

Beyond the cartridges, consumers have reported that HP markets several models of printer as EPEAT registered, but further investigation has failed to find these models located anywhere within the EPEAT registry. They have also reported other models being marketed as EPEAT registered, but the registry shows that the models currently being sold have been modified and are distinct from the registered ones. Consumers and organizations have expressed dismay at these deceptive practices and their potential environmental impact, and Migliaccio and Rathod shares their concerns that the reported practices may constitute false advertising and HP, in that case, should be held accountable. 

Have You Purchased a HP Printer Deceptively Advertised as EPEAT? 

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