Fitbit Termination of Challenges, Adventures, and Open Groups Features

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Fitbit for its plan to terminate several features on March 27, 2023. On that date, Fitbit will cease offering the Challenges, Virtual Premium Challenges, Adventure Races, Solo Adventures, and Open Groups features, all of which are related to social or group activities. Fitbit owners point out that they were drawn to Fitbit products because of these features, and the ability to compete or compare steps with friends motivated them to recommend the product to others. The loss of these features has Fitbit owners searching for alternative products, but it also leaves them with a product that will have fewer features than when they first bought it, without any kind of compensation or details about what other features might be introduced, or when.

Will the loss of Challenges, Adventures, and Open Groups affect your use of your Fitbit?

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