2021 Honda Pilot Idle Start/Stop Defect

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating the 2021 Honda Pilot Idle Start/Stop Defect. Many new vehicles have start/stop systems that automatically turn the vehicle’s engine off at stop signs or stop lights as gas-saving measures. In proper functioning systems, start/stop systems ignite engines back on after the driver has taken their foot off of the brake. 2021 Honda Pilot owners report a different experience, however. The idle start/stop system shuts off the engine as expected but does not turn it back on. This is a safety defect that places 2021 Honda Pilot owners at risk of a crash, particularly of being rear ended, as traffic behind them might expect the vehicle to start moving forward before it does so.

Has the start/stop system in your 2021 Honda Pilot failed to start your vehicle after a stop?

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