Teens and Parents Sue JUUL

Teens got addicted. Now they are looking for Juul to change its ways and pay damages.

The Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged that there is an e-cigarette epidemic upon us. More and more teens are addicted to vaping devices, including most prominently the Juul e-cigarette. This is a small, discrete e-cigarette that looks like a USB thumb drive. Small pods containing flavored nicotine solution, called JUULpods, are sold in a number of flavors including mango, fruit medley and crème brulee. In just three years, the JUUL e-cigarette has turned JUUL Labs, Inc. into a business valued at $15 billion.  Teens and concerned parents have taken legal action to curb this trend and seek justice for those who are now addicted.

In a nationwide class action lawsuit filed in federal district court in San Francisco, teens and parents describe how Juul has disrupted their lives and demand that the company do more to keep the devices away from minors. They are also demanding compensation for what they have gone through.  The D.C. based law firm Migliaccio & Rathod LLP was recently appointed co-lead counsel of the litigation. “There’s likely a good legal basis for claims,” said Jason Rathod, a partner at the firm. “If the suit is successful, it could force the company to change the way it markets and sells JUUL devices and JUULpods.  It could also mean that significant amounts of money are disbursed in damages.” “We have heard a great many of alarming stories from people who have purchased JUUL’s products,” said Nicholas Migliaccio, another partner at the firm. “We are committed to holding JUUL accountable for its conduct.”

The firm is investigating the magnitude of the problem and eager to hear the stories of affected families from across the country.  If you or your child is addicted to Juul e-cigarettes, please contact us at [email protected] (please put “JUUL investigation” in the subject line) or by phone at 202-470-3520.